Dr. Douglas Kasper, MD graduated from University of Texas Memorial Hermann, July of 2001. He is Emergency Medicine Board Certified and has been practicing emergency medicine for 20 years. Dr. Kasper’s focus to provide the highest level of concierge care to patients is and has always been his passion. Spending time listening to patients and giving them the highest form of patient care to meet their healthcare needs, is his priority.

A Note to you, from Dr. Kasper:

When I was 10 years old, I solidly knew I was going to be a Doctor. Where I grew up in the British Columbia Canadian Rockies my vision propelled me from home schooled education to California for College and Medical School. Then finally, my path led me to Texas to complete my medical residency and here I’m ensconced 20 years later, as an Emergency Doctor, dedicated husband to my wife, with a large family of three sons, daughter-in laws and six beautiful grandchildren!

My passion for medicine inspired me to work in a variety of venues, from Urban Hospital ERs, Freestanding ERs, to Urgent Care and Medical Missions in Guatemala. Through all of this experience, I’ve learned, what I believe, is the most elemental aspect of practicing medicine. This is helping people navigate through their unique medical experience and demystify what their conditions are, what they mean, how to treat them ,and where to go find the right path of continuing care if needed.

In addition, I’ve noticed medical conditions happen at extremely inconvenient times and this is when patients need care the most, as their doctor may not be available, they are at work, home bound caring for kids or traveling for example.

Deciding to bring 20 years of knowledge and experience to Concierge Telemedicine, I’m passionate to provide direction, convenience, comfort, expert advice and treatment in these challenging times when people frankly need to get back to their full time lives with the least interruption.

It is providing medicine on Your time and in consideration of your time. My commitment is to individualize your care based on your unique circumstance and invest in the most valuable asset…..you!

All Good Medicine,

Dr Kasper