TeleMedicine or VideoMedicine Appointments:

Not feeling well?  Don’t want to leave home to see the doctor?  Concerns about your health?  Need consulting regarding medical issue you are uncertain about? Sick and need prescription medications? Traveling and need medical help and direction? Need a rapid result for a certain diagnostic lab test? Let us help save you a trip to the urgent care, doctors office and hopefully the Emergency Room as well.

Schedule a remote TeleMedicine or VideoMedicine appointment with the doctor, for your convenience. We are here to help you.

Concierge Services:

This offering is convenient personalized healthcare, on your schedule, using all the modalities of TeleMedicine and VideoMedicine.  Select cases may have an in person visit with Dr. Kasper, at home or office. Dr Kasper and our staff can tailor your needs as your situation is unique.

Examples include:

  • When an in home or office visit is necessary.
  • Help schedule appointments with specialist, (since you cannot get an appointment for 3 months for example)
    Help remove obstacles from obtaining Tests or Procedure results in a timely fashion,(its taking too long to get my results)
  • Help demystify what your personal medical plan is and what your medical condition means, (I do not understand what my Doctors are saying)
  • Expert guidance with a sick or injured family member
  • Demystify the medical language from your Specialist treatment or procedure
  • Where to go and how to get the care you need connecting you with the right specialty or facility
  • When traveling and needing urgent/emergent care guidance. What are the initial steps to take given your unique situation
  • Advice on medical health prevention, risk injury prevention strategies
  • Recommended Travel Medical Kit preparation and individualized Travel Medicine Prescriptions
  • A rapid test required/needed, (COVID-19, strep, Flu), for example. We come to you.
  • Help connect you with a COVID – 19 vaccine, (is a vaccine available, when and where can go to get one?)

Patient Liaison Services:

Are you going through a medical dilemma? Don’t know what to do? Which type of medical specialist to see? Not certain how to work through getting your process started and set up? We are here to help you. With this service, we will guide and assist you with this stressful task and get you going in the proper direction. We will demystify your medical needs and navigate you through your complex medical care process.

Membership Services:

Memberships are similar to managed health care plans which help manage costs. Our Membership services are a flat rate which will provide you a package of guaranteed medical service offerings, monthly. Memberships are able to be purchased at rates for three, six or nine months or at an annual rate.

  • Individual Memberships:

Include your primary care needs as well as most of your urgent and emergent needs. We will build your personal package to reflect your individual and specific medical needs. Rule of thumb is always going over your immediate medical issues and needs, along with ensuring you are on a maintenance preventative plan, for increasingly bettering your health and wellness. The membership does include at minimum, one initial concierge home visit. The remainder are at patient/doctor discretion dependent upon necessity. Scheduling your appointment(s) is made easy through our website.
Individual Membership Fees:
3 months
6 months
9 months
1 year

Call our office for further discussion.

  • Family Memberships:

Include all aspects of the Individual Membership yet, catered to each family member individually. The membership may be place the same as the individual plan yet, the family rate will be variable upon how many family members are on your plan. The membership does include at minimum, one initial home. The remainder are at patient/doctor discretion dependent upon necessity. Scheduling your appointment(s) is made easy through our website.

Family Membership Fees:
3 months
6 months
9 months
1 year

*All Membership Fees Due on the 1st of the first month that your plan begins.

**All patient appointment payments are easily paid through our website due at the time of your appointment.

Languages:  English & Spanish